Studio Finn Berenbroek


Sunwaves is a patented, smart, simple, and unique solution that allows you to manage light conditions. You can decide how and how much light is allowed in.

We created two animations from scratch. The first animation is called 'Unfolding Sunwaves' and it demonstrates the countless possibilities of the product. The second is called 'This is Sunwaves,' which is an explanatory animation that explains how Sunwaves functions.

Unfolding Sunwaves

This is Sunwaves


Client: Sunwaves
Creative Direction: Make It Heppener
Art Direction: Studio Finn Berenbroek
3D/CGI: Studio Finn Berenbroek
Video editing: Studio Finn Berenbroek
Title animations: Make It Heppener
Sounddesign: Make It Heppener
Year: 2022