finn berenbroek

vj loops

A collection of abstract vj loops.

Upcoming performances

Past (2018)
Shelter, Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)
Visuals in the club from 17 till 21 October
The Tribe invites Yoyaku (night time)
20 October, BRET Amsterdam
The Tribe w/ Ion Ludwig, Shaun Reeves and more
6 October, Shelter Amsterdam
The Tribe with Andrey Pushkarev, Roger Gerressen & more
22 June, Shelter Amsterdam
Oerol 2018
Oord #luisteren in collaboration with Mardulier en Deprez.
Ter Schelling, 15-22 June
The Tribe 2 Years
7 April, Brebl Nijmegen
The Tribe: Herodot, Christoffer & Nicholas, Dubsteve
12 May, BRET Amsterdam
The Tribe: Anthea,Christoffer & Nicholas
10 March, BRET Amsterdam
The Tribe NYE
31 Dec/1 Jan May, BRET Amsterdam